Friday, November 9, 2012

MBX Stealth Launch

From Matchbox Skybusters. Black version of the delta-winged Stealth Launch. Loose item. With minor damage in the left tailfin. Originally costs PhP250.00 and I am selling it for PhP119.00

Crystal Warrior DX Combiner Robot and Morpher

Based on a Chinese sentai anime. 5 combiner robot is made of rubber and plastic parts and forms the Crystal Warrior robot. Morpher toy accessory needs only batteries to work. Morpher has two modes. Can be handheld or strapped to wrist by velcro. Loose items. For only PhP771.00 . Rare items.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hotel 101 Price Increase Effective Dec. 11, 2012

Hotel of Asia is offering wise investors the latest Hotel 101 Manila project. Just a stone throw away from Mall of Asia, we offer the best location and quality investment for the burgeoning Tourism industry without the hassle of handling a hotel by yourself. Hotel 101 Manila will open 2015. As it opens, 30% of the sales will be shared among the unit owners. In addition to that, the unit owners are entitled to a free 30 day stay yearly.

Investors can choose three modes of payment. The total contract price of P2,988,000 and you will get a P100,000 discount. The second option is the yearly payment of PhP747,000(Upon reservation and every December till 2014)and monthly payment of P74,700(42 months).

The price and payment scheme above will only be good until December 10, 2012. Effective December 11, there will be PhP200,000 increase on the total contact price.

Our office is at Unit 32 2nd floor ASEANA POWERSTATION, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard corner BRADCO Avenue, ASEANA City, Paranaque. You can contact me at 0922-8640029, office number: 02-5196098 or e-mail

Thursday, November 1, 2012

DX Crystal Warrior Morpher

I bought it as a prop for Halloween but the plan never pushed through. The morpher device followed suit from the Sentai series or known to the West as Power Rangers types. It is from China's very own sentai anime, DX Crystal Warrior. I bought it cheap at a mall sale since the batteries are already drained. But it is a neat prop. I am selling it for only PhP39.00

It can be handheld or strap on your wrist with velcro. The box is already disposed so it's a loose item. Pick up of the product can be done here in Malate only.